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      A web page can be as simple or as complex as you wish!  We’ll do yours just as you want, or, if you’d like us to take the helm, we can help you design your site.  Simply give us an idea of what you hope to accomplish, and we’ll get to work.

      We have a variety of ways to enhance your site.  Sure, we use the basic web designing language, but we also incorporate several programming languages or psuedo programming languages such as  PERL, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, DHTML, and Server Side Includes.  These programming techniques can help you present your page more effectively.  You can also have interaction with your client.  You can ask your client questions, and your program will answer.  You can do some math with them through programming.  You can take orders and instantly give them a total cost.  Or you can simply take a message from them and let them know that you’ll get right back to them.  The sky’s the limit!

      Check out some of the links below.  These examples, single pages only, are from web sites we’ve done, and most of them are still on line.

  DK Builders ~ a building contractor

  Curry County CEF ~ a children’s Christian group

  Pacific Northwest Tours ~ a tour business

  Brookings First Baptist Church ~ a huge welcome

  West Coast Custom Paint and Restoration

  Veterans' Administration ~ the VA Seal page

  Natürlich ~ a page about wool

How about a slide show?

      Here are some more links.  These go to examples of different kinds of programming.  We can use any or all of these techniques.  Most of our clients end up doing some picking and choosing!

      Special Quiz ~ JavaScript

      Just for Fun ~ JavaScript

      Info Requests ~ PERL

      Exact Time of Day ~ PERL/ CSS

      My favorite song ~ Pick yours!

E~Mail Set-ups ~ PHP

Web Page Counter ~ PERL/ SSI

Caption Changes ~ JavaScript/ DHTML /CCS

E-Commerce ~ PERL

      We’d be happy to help you if we can!  Please link to our special E~Mail form (below) to make comments or ask questions.  And, we’ll get back to you in short order.  It costs nothing to ask questions!

Please make your comments or ask your questions!  Or phone us at (541) 469~1009!