Play around with this page, and see what you can do!
You can play with and check your order all day.
It won't go anywhere!
But you will see the the results.   Try it!

Please type in the quantity of any item you'd like, and then hit the "check order" button to confirm your order.  If you want to make changes, simply change the numbers in the boxes, and hit the "check order" button again.  When the order looks OK, fill out the information below your order, and send for it!

Sacks Potatoes @ 9.22 + tax
Bell Peppers @ 1.14 + tax
Lemon(s) @ .15/each
Quarts of 2% Milk @ .99/carton
Books of stamps (7.80 per book of 20)



Add 2% tax to "taxed" items:0.00
Grand Total:$ 0.00

Are we HUNGRY?
How about some


This example is a SAMPLE PAGE of what you can do with E-commerce. Any order someone makes is sent via your e-mail box in a split second. You can layout your page any way you like, use some colors and graphics to dress it up, and you're ready to do some business on the internet !

This area is where the boxes are placed that collect information such as names, addresses, and credit card numbers. People placing orders type into the boxes, and the forms are sent to your e-mail box for processing.

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